“Sana Que Sana” is a short film exploring my grandmother’s process of healing and emerging from a lifetime of betrayal. I observed her discovering my grandfather’s lifelong held secret as his dementia accelerated and later led to his death. This short film, shot on 16mm in the lush foothills of Colombia, navigates death and honor in the context of religion, culture, shame, and devotion. “Sana Que Sana” is a tender yet biting portrait of healing, utilizing both documentary and interpretive elements to illustrate the cyclical nature of forgiveness, while offering the underlying question: who is seeking the healing?

Approached from a perspective two generations removed, “Sana Que Sana” layers intimate voice-over interviews with my  grandmother over 16mm and 35mm footage shot in both Cali, Colombia and NYC.

For screening requests, please email me ge.aguirre612@gmail.com.

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Sana Que Sana (2022) from Gabriella Aguirre on Vimeo.



GABRIELLA AGUIRRE is a first generation Colombian-American filmmaker focused on stories of identity, multiculturalism, and memory. Sana Que Sana, a deeply personal investigation into her family history, exists as part of a larger journey of cultural reconnection and re-identification.


Sefora Gomez
Maria Teresa Garcia
Isabel and Edilberto Castaño
Servio Tulio
Martha Bryan
Julianna Bryan
Victor Hernando Gomez
Victor Alexander Gomez

Brydie O’Connor (Creative Producer)
A Frame (Producer)
Ben Elias (Cinematographer)
Alexander Fischetti (Gaffer)
Roberto DeCecco (Key Grip)
Izabelle Garcia (Production Designer)
Julian Ehsan (Art Assist)
Franz Brun (Steadicam Operator)
Pierrick Reiss (Focus Puller)
Mika Altskan (Film Loader)
Alex Huggins (Camera Assistant)
Will Jones (Camera Trainee)
Nicholas Shaya (Still Photography)
Katarina Zhu (Production Assistant)
Jack Seney (Driver)
Griffin Stoddard (Bolex)
Daisy Zhou (Arricam 435)
Kazim Kara @ CPT Rentals (Camera Support)
Metropolis Post NYC
Kodak NY
Arri New York City

  Sana Que Sana